Who We Are

Creating integrated and renewable energy systems is our passion at TPK. We strive to provide our clients with an expansive variety of automation services and cost-saving alternatives to fit any of their needs. We also offer full integrations services that range from troubleshooting/retrofitting existing systems on one hand, to designing, building, and starting up new systems on the other hand.

Our team provides over 50 cumulative years of experience from a variety of environments and talents. Our backgrounds vary from professional Class A electrical engineering/design on multiple DOD/classified security and comm systems, to project management & construction, federal and state work, and specific experience troubleshooting and maintaining multiple brands of automation control equipment. We can help to minimize shut down time, and help reduce lost labor costs for untrained employees and unnecessary utility costs.

If you need any panel cleanup, PLC programming, SCADA upgrades, line control/automation support, energy analysis, radio/broadband reception, project management, or training in any other area of our expertise, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!