Credit Card Policy & Agreement

Credit Card Policy & Agreement

I understand and agree that a TPK, LLC credit card is issued to me on the express condition that I will, at all times, use the card in accordance with these TPK, LLC Directives. 

I undertake the following: 

  1. I will use the credit card only for official TPK, LLC purposes and not for any private purposes. 
  1. I will account for my expenses by collecting receipts weekly and submitting TPK, LLC's weekly report of all activity on my card. 
  1. I understand that my manager must approve any non-travel or non-job supply related purchase over $50 before purchasing (this includes tools).  
  1. Expenses for filling company vehicles with gas are considered business purchases as long as the vehicle usage has been authorized by management, and the vehicle has been used following TPK, LLC's vehicle policy. 
  1. Expenses for lodging and meals while on company-approved business trips are considered business purchases as long as they are consistent with TPK, LLC's travel policy. 
  1. I understand if there is any question as to whether a particular purchase qualifies as a business expense, I will consult my manager before incurring the cost. 
  1. I understand I am financially responsible for any unauthorized purchase deemed by TPK, LLC to be for personal use (see TPK Employee Handbook, section 3.13). 
  1. I understand that I may be held financially responsible for any misuse or misconduct in company purchasing (see TPK Employee Handbook section 3.13). 
  1. I am aware that transactions on this card require my manager's approval and will be subject to scrutiny by other parties. 
  1. If the credit card is lost or stolen, I will report it immediately to the card provider and the TPK Accounting department.  
  1. Upon the end of my employment at TPK, LLC, I will return the card to my manager prior to departure. 
  1. I have read the TPK, LLC Credit Card Directives and will adhere to them. 

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Signed by Erik Hughes
Signed On: September 23, 2022

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