About Us

TPK is a systems integration and renewable energy design/build firm that provides clients with a wide variety of automation services and cost savings alternatives. We offer full integration services from trouble-shooting or retrofitting existing systems to new system designbuild and start-up.

The TPK team provides over 50 years of experience from a wide range of environments and talent. Our backgrounds range from professional Class A electrical engineering and design with multiple DOD and classified security and communication systems, to project management & construction, federal and state work, and specific experience with troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of multiple brands of automation control equipment.

TPK provides you the critical assistance needed to keep your systems running.  We can design new systems, maintain your current systems, and troubleshoot and upgrade your current set up.

TPK provides design/construct services and reusable energy sources that will provide additional savings in decreased shut down time, lost labor costs for untrained employees and unnecessary utility costs. TPK has a highly skilled team with a very diverse skill set. If you are in need of any panel cleanup, PLC programming, SCADA upgrades, line control/automation support, energy analysis, radio/broadband reception, project management, or training in any other area of our expertise, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Our Team

Andrew F.

Industrial Foreman


Griffin W.

Apprentice Technician


Jacob E.

Field Service Technician

John J.

Apprentice Technician


Luke B.

Apprentice Technician


Mason F.

Field Service Technician


Matt B.

Apprentice Technician


Sheila Y.

Business Administrator


Taylor H.

Managing Member


Tom L.

Engineering Manager


Travis R.

Engineering Technician