Polyga Vision V1


Polyga’s Vision V1 is a high resolution, ultra accurate, high-speed 3D camera for industrial computer vision applications. The V1 is packaged in a rugged enclosure that is ready for integration into your 3D vision application.

Product Description
  • Type: High resolution 3D Vision Camera
  • Dimension (mm): 58 x 270 x 160
  • Software: Flexscan3D or SB SDK (C/C++) for 3D capturing and post-processing
Technical Specifications

Captures every detail

Ultra high resolution 3D point clouds or meshes. The V1 delivers industry leading accuracy and and resolution using our high speed structured light technology. With a depth acuracy of 80 microns and point spacing of 0.6 mm the V1 lets you see and measure the world like never before.


Ready for Automation

Designed for industry, the Vision V1 can be easily mounted onto robotic arms and assembly lines. It’s ready for automated applications anytime with plug-and-play connectivity. The sensor’s compact size allows it to be integrated anywhere.

Professional and Accurate Results

Turn scan data into high-quality point clouds. The Polyga V1 captures exceptional 3D image quality for your 3d models and surface inspection applications.

Captures accurate point clouds in motion

The Vision V1 captures high-resolution, high-accuracy 3D images of real world objects in motion. Acquire point clouds or meshes directly to your application in real time.