Project management

Manage a project at your pace

TPK takes project management to the next level by implementing management skills to the workforce in the field.


Having a management team that understands what it takes to get the job done is incredibly valuable to the customer and to the contractor. 



Step 1

Installation of new system (either by Turnpike Controls or another vendor.)

Examples of what we have worked on include:


  • Shipping Sorter integration/automation installs
  • Distribution center automation
  • SCADA system integration
  • Machine tending automation and integration
  • Food and beverage automation
  • Networking infrastructure installation


Step 2

Help the customer fully utilize the added systems and their processes.


  • Educate the customer’s onsite team on using the new system
  • Customize training/onboarding material specific to the customer’s needs
  • Identify/deliver the main requirements desired of the system





Step 3

After implementation and training, we have our foundation for continuous improvement.


  • Adding capabilities to the installed system and utilizing additional functionalities within the already existing system
  • Reliability processes to avoid unscheduled downtime
  • Corrective maintenance tracking and refinement
  • Safety management installation