QUICKSURFACE Reverse Engineering Software


Affordable standalone Scan to CAD software. Its simple yet powerful tools make it easy to convert any 3D scan meshes into parametric or surface CAD models.


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Once you scanned your object using a 3D scanner, export the file from your scanning software and load it into QUICKSURFACE. It’s great at working with large meshes with no issues. Compatible files for importing:

  • STL
  • OBJ
  • PLY
  • PTY


QUICKSURFACE transforms scan data to CAD by giving you tools to:


  • Sketch 2D cross sections, extruded, and revolved surfaces for parametric modeling
  • Create freeform surfaces manually with complete control, or fully automated with Autosurfacing


Once you are done, export as:


  • Industry standard STEP or IGES file to use in other CAD program, or
  • Transfer directly the full parametric tree into SOLIDWORKS


Ultimate Scan to CAD Solution For Your 3D Scanner


QUICKSURFACE is an all-in-one solution that gives you complete access to extract information from 3D scanner data as a reference to create usable CAD models with ease. Using the software’s real-time deviation analyzer, it keeps track of how far your CAD model deviates from the scan data. As a result, you have full control as to how your final results will turn out with great accuracy, at any given time.


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