An all-inclusive business voice service cloud communications solution

Turnpike Controls’ offering of Business Voice from Sangoma provides superior VoIP quality, reliability, and flexibility for customers in need of an intuitive, easily deployed solution.

Experience a pure cloud communications solution that streamlines and simplifies your operations. With Business Voice service, you receive the ultimate cloud communications platform for any business in need of seamless, ultra-flexible connectivity.

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Why Our Business Voice Service Is Better Than The Rest

Turnpike Controls offers enterprise communications and collaboration platform solutions ranging from pure to on-premises cloud that unifies voice, video, chat, mobile, digital fax, presence management, and more.

With Business Voice from Sangoma, your business can leverage the power of a complete, end-to-end system from an intuitive, browser-based interface. No hardware required!

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Pure Cloud Architecture

A pure cloud deployment platform, designed for businesses who want peerless call quality, communications flexibility, and exceptional system support.

Multi-Location Flexibility

Optimized operations from one location to many. All phones are connected and operate as a single system allowing for direct extension dialing, seamless call transfers, ring groups, call queues, and more.

Intuitive System Management

A user-friendly platform that prioritizes user experience with intuitive management controls, so users can find critical communications tools with ease.

Proprietary Network Backbone

A proprietary private backbone, a redundant, reliable, and secure communications network for your mission-critical communications. Business voice service architecture with your business in mind.