We are a skilled electrical contractor with experience and capabilities to tackle any industrial or commercial project you can imagine. Offering installation, maintenance, and repair

Our team has a wealth of experience in networking, from pulling CAT6 cables to programming switches and building server racks. Trust us to build out your facility’s intranet and keep you connected both internally and externally as we take pride in our ability to take on any challenge and turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today to get started!

In partnership with Sangoma and their Business Voice. Our VOIP solution boasts superior VoIP quality, reliability, and flexibility, making it the ideal choice for customers who demand an intuitive and easily deployed solution.

Our surveillance camera and building access controls solutions are fit for businesses of any size. Customizable to fit unique needs allowing you to rest assured knowing who is coming and going from your business at all times. 

Looking to secure your building or facility? Our team can provide comprehensive access control services, including installation and configuration of systems, ongoing management of user accounts and permissions, integration with other security systems, and maintenance and support. Our services are critical for ensuring the safety and security of your building or facility.

VoIP can be used on multiple devices, making it easy to stay connected wherever you are. With a wide range of features such as call forwarding, voicemail, conference calling, and video calling, VoIP enhances communication and collaboration among users. Additionally, VoIP is reliable and secure, offering a high level of security and privacy for users. Upgrade your communication game with VoIP today.

Have your broken part and replacement is on 3 month backorder? Save time and money by identifying potential design flaws in the production process, as well as creating accurate dimensional models for precise replication of objects and parts to ensure functionality.

Prototyping enables the creation of accurate and detailed models for testing and validation. By using 3D scanning to create prototypes, you can identify any flaws early, try different methodologies through prototyping, and ensure products meet specifications and quality standards.

Create a digital archive for pieces of history, often used in archaeology, anthropology, and natural history, through the scanning of rare or fragile specimens, it is possible to study and analyze in greater detail with zero risk of damage to the original artifact. As a Polyga3D vendor, we are here to assist you in your collaboration with scholars around the world through digital archives. 

Improve your process management to achieve new heights of quality and productivity, while simultaneously reducing downtime! Allow us to help you detect and address issues early on to save both time and money in the long run.

We are prepared to design any form of automated machinery to improve productivity, quality, and consistency in a company’s manufacturing process. Automating your packaging and assembly processes can reduce labor costs and minimize errors, while simultaneously speeding up production!

Offering ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting services, we are dedicated to providing clients with dependable, long-term support for their systems. Our team of experienced technicians is fully equipped to handle any challenges that may arise and is committed to providing timely and effective solutions to ensure the optimal performance of clients’ systems.

We pride ourselves on our engineering department’s ability to team up with top robotic providers worldwide, and with extensive knowledge in servicing and updating existing systems, we ensure that our clients’ needs are met with the highest level of expertise

Looking for better production metrics? Need to be informed when something goes wrong? Our custom software, expertly written with Ignition by Induction Automation, can autonomously monitor your system with as much detail as you desire.

We have found that working with Vention has been a great benefit to our automation equipment needs. By utilizing their drag and drop modular system, we are able to both quickly and efficiently create custom-tailored solutions to significantly reduce production time and cost

We help our clients plan projects with precision. Our experts create timelines with necessary milestones for success. Implementing proper risk assessment helps to mitigate potential problems allowing our clients to achieve goals within financial means. With an approach customized for each client, we work closely to ensure customer satisfaction as your success is ours as well!

We help our clients plan projects with precision. Our experts create timelines with necessary milestones for success. Implementing proper risk assessment helps to mitigate potential problems allowing our clients to achieve goals within financial means. With an approach customized for each client, we work closely to ensure customer satisfaction as your success is ours as well!

We are here to identify areas for improvement and document lessons learned for future projects. We strive to provide a roadmap for success that can be used by all stakeholders. Our goal achieve a comprehensive understanding of project performance, from planning to execution, so potential issues can be addressed early, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals

We understand the importance of precision and efficiency in machine design. That’s why we use the latest CAD software to create accurate and detailed 3D models of machine components and assemblies. Our CAD services allow us to identify potential issues early in the design process, reducing errors and rework, and resulting in more cost-effective and efficient manufacturing processes. Trust us to deliver the quality design you need, accurately and on time. Contact us today to get started!

We provide high-quality Electrical one-line diagrams for a wide range of applications. Our experienced CAD team uses the latest software to capture every detail with precision aiding engineers and technicians to understand electrical systems, make informed decisions about maintenance, upgrades, and ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations

Our experienced design team has the ability to generate technical drawings for any project you need. We use the latest CAD modeling software to ensure the highest quality end product possible, in whatever format you require. We are here to get your project done accurately and on time!

About Us

At TPK, we understand that you have unique requirements. We are proud to offer an extensive range of automation services and cost-saving methodologies to meet your needs.

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience from diverse backgrounds and talents. We offer professional Class A electrical engineering/design for multiple DOD/classified security and communication systems, project management and construction, federal and state work, and specific experience troubleshooting and maintaining multiple brands of automation control equipment. We can help decrease shutdown time and minimize lost labor costs for untrained employees and unnecessary utility expenses.

Whether you require assistance with panel cleanup, PLC programming, SCADA upgrades, line control/automation support, energy analysis, radio/broadband reception, project management, or training in any other area of our expertise, we are confident that we can help you out! Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be delighted to assist you in any way possible.

Providing Solutions since 2018,

We Provide Effective, Cost-Saving, and Turn-Key solutions with Honest and Good Work.

Why choose us?

Fully Licensed, Competent, And Insured.


We are here to prioritize quality with our services in order to ensure your system runs smoothly with minimal downtime


We provide ongoing support to ensure your systems continue to operate at peak performance, providing comprehensive support to avoid downtime and quickly resolve any issues that arise


Our team of Experts exist to bring a wealth of knowledge and best practices to lead you to a more efficient and effective solution tailored to your specific needs.


We have the capability to customize and adapt to unique requirements to ensure that your systems are optimized and meet specifications

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"Slim chickens was a great work environment for learning and growth. The Liberty construction staff was always willing to work with us to complete any challenges we faced on the site. With everyone’s teamwork and dedication we were able to make a wonderful new restaurant"
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