Inspecting Organic & Machined Surfaces

Polyga’s FlexScan3D is an absolutely feature-packed program, and we’re only beginning to dig into all the myriad things it can do with 3D scan data. We’ll be continuing our FlexScan3D tutorial series with a look at a unique feature that some might miss among the flashier things that FlexScan3D can do. That would be flat surface inspections.

What we mean is that FlexScan3D can perform an inspection on what appears to be a flat surface, like the underside of a sand dollar Or it can perform an inspection on a machined flat surface. In both cases, it is looking for deviations from a flat plane, especially a surface that isĀ supposed to be flat like a machined or cast part. Both of these examples make it into our tutorial.

Click here to view the tutorial video on our YouTube channel.