Hole Filling a 3D Model with FlexScan3D

A few weeks ago, we showed how to 3D scan a small spaceship toy into Polyga’s FlexScan3D software. While the scan looked great, even the best 3D scan will leave out a couple key things, producing a “hole” in your 3D model.

This might just seem like a nuisance, but it becomes a serious problem if you want to produce a 3D print from your scan. This is because a model with missing scan data is not “watertight,” meaning that it is not a complete mesh for the computer to process into a model suitable for printing. The printer would not know what to do with the hole in the mesh.

To fix this issue, FlexScan3D has an entire suite of powerful tools to clean up a completed scan and refine it such that all the holes are eventually filled in with the appropriate geometry.

Check out our how-to video here on how to fill model holes in FlexScan3D.