A Mobile Command Center

When you are an integration company based in Virginia but you do work for clients all around the country, there are a limited number of ways to get the needed material to your job site.

Determine how much and what kind of materials you need: conduit, fiber, wire, etc., and then have it shipped to your job site so that it is already there ahead of you when you arrive. This has two drawbacks in particular.

The first is that shipping costs are only getting steeper and steeper. Having material shipped to the job site via third party is becoming a bigger financial burden. The second drawback is that we have to depend on the client for the security and stowage of our material once it arrives at their facility, until we have a chance to use it. These factors add cost, insecurity, and uncertainty to an already stressful onsite job.

Our solution was to combine stowage and shipping into one complete unit that we control.

We purchased a 40′ trailer from a local dealer, and we have transformed it completely into a mobile command center/storage bin/parts inventory for our technicians.

The framing shown on the inside sides will be bins for long stock, like conduit and metal frames and extruded parts. The trailer will also contain a miniature office for the technicians to use while on the job site.

The trailer will be able to travel wherever we need it to around the country, and we can bring it to the job site on our own time and secure it when we are not present.