We Have a Robot Visitor!

Working with Hartfiel Automation, which supplies us with many of the components we require to build automated factory lines/sorting lines/etc. Recently they reached out to us to let us know they had an Omron Techman demo robot that was currently between jobs. They kindly offered to let us have it for a week or so while it’s in job limbo, and offered to deliver it to us themselves.

Naturally we jumped at the offer.

The Techman (TM) robot is a 6-axis “cobot,” or collaborative robot, meaning that it’s a 6-joint machine designed to interact with humans directly, inside of a common shared space. This also means it’s designed for ease of use and ease of programming, so that it’s a simple task to train an operator on how to use and work with it.

Stay tuned for more content involving the robot. We’ll be doing some cool stuff with it, including video and 3D scanning!