3D Scanning + Printing at Its Finest


It was a bit of a whirlwind tour, but the TPK engineering and sales team had a great chance to visit the RAPID + TCT additive manufacturing conference this week!

The conference was held in downtown Detroit at the Huntington Place conference center, where hundreds of vendors had the chance to showcase some very cool new products. They came displaying the latest in 3D printing of PLA plastic, ABS, and fiberglass/carbon fiber inlay. There were also numerous metal printing vendors, and even a company that specialized in 3D printing in sand. Yup, sand.

Also on display was 3-dimensional scanning in all of its many formats, from photogrammetry to sensor probe. We tracked down our Polyga 3D scanning partners at their booth in the corner and had a great conversation with Thomas Tong, the owner/founder of Polyga, who was present to conduct product demos and to show off his company’s newest products.

We are the exclusive US vendor for Polyga 3D scanning products and software.


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