Slim Chickens 01
Slim Chickens - Finished TPK Project
From the TPK archives – TPK is proud to announce its completion of a project at Liberty University of Lynchburg, Virginia. TPK completed its electrical upgrades and lighting updates and additions...
Master Sequence 01.00_03_18_09
Inspecting Organic & Machined Surfaces
Polyga’s FlexScan3D is an absolutely feature-packed program, and we’re only beginning to dig into all the myriad things it can do with 3D scan data. We’ll be continuing our FlexScan3D...
Sequence 01.00_00_49_13
Calculating Angles in FlexScan3D
Continuing our how-to series for FlexScan3D by Polyga, this time we briefly cover how to calculate the angle between two planes of a 3D scanned object in FlexScan3D. This is a powerful measurement tool...
Demo Sequence 01.00_07_47_29
Hole Filling a 3D Model with FlexScan3D
A few weeks ago, we showed how to 3D scan a small spaceship toy into Polyga’s FlexScan3D software. While the scan looked great, even the best 3D scan will leave out a couple key things, producing...
trailer exterior 01
A Mobile Command Center
When you are an integration company based in Virginia but you do work for clients all around the country, there are a limited number of ways to get the needed material to your job site. Determine how...
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